The INTEGRIS Baptist Cochlear Implant Clinic provides new hope for deafened adults and children through state-of-the-art surgery, device implantation and rehabilitation. It is our goal to help cochlear implant recipients learn to use the sound provided by developing the listening potential required to achieve speech and language in the hearing impaired child, and maintain language and communication skills in the hearing impaired adult.


Project Spotlight

Creation of a Listening Garden for children and adults will include a multitude of interactive outdoor instruments. Impact: 2,000 people annually

Opening new worlds through sound. Make a gift to hearing.


Hearing used YOU&I funds to offer a summer of literacy program for hearing-impaired children, their families and teachers.  Events included a Thunder Literacy Bus Kickoff, Hispanic Family Night and a literacy program for 160 professionals.  Five hundred free books were distributed to young readers and more than 32 hours of multisensory education were offered.  Impact: 100+ hearing-impaired kids ages 1-10

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