Newlyweds Pay It Forward

Newlyweds Chyne and Kevin Aliff knew they wanted to use their wedding as a way to pay it forward. In lieu of wedding gifts, guests were encouraged to donate items to INTEGRIS Cancer Institute and INTEGRIS Children's. They spoke of the inspiration they had to pay it forward. Kevin shared, "I spent so much time at the INTEGRIS Cancer Institute with my late wife, Justine, and my father, Howard. I saw how much INTEGRIS tried to make a tough situation better." Chyne said, "Kevin loved both his father and Justine very much, so we wanted to do something to give back to the place that took such good care of them."

"Philanthropy and giving back are important to us. It means that we think about someone else and how we can impact their lives and make a positive difference to them, even if it is something small. Philanthropy is being the kindness that the world needs more of, and setting the example that hopefully other people will follow."

We are honored to have been a small part of Kevin and Chyne's special day. Ashley Ochs, Director of Child Life, said, "We are beyond gracious for the generous donation of Kevin and Chyne's wedding gifts to INTEGRIS Children's. With this gift, more of our pediatric patients and families will be blessed with activities and toys to help them cope while in the hospital. Donations, just like these, are what helps our Child Life Department to function and create magical, playful experiences for our patients." Thank you Kevin and Chyne for your generosity and for allowing us to be a part of Justine and Howard's beautiful legacies!

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