Connecting your passion with inspired opportunity.

Our Team

Hi. We're the INTEGRIS Foundation team. We wake up each morning looking for ways to connect your passion with life-impacting opportunities to improve the health of our communities. We're committed to making your donor experience best-in-class.

Meet the people behind our teams:
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Anne Clouse

Vice President & Executive Director
Passion: Stroke
Hometown: Oklahoma City
Watching my grandma receive such warm, heartfelt care through her end-of-life journey following a stroke turned my heartache into passion for the life-changing work that happens inside hospital walls everyday. When you support INTEGRIS, you are a part of these miracles, and it is my honor to see your philanthropy making a difference in the care we provide our patients.

Whitney Hyche

Assistant to Vice President
Passion: Women's Health
Hometown: Oklahoma City
Becoming a mother is one of the most wonderful experiences in life. Pregnancy is not always easy or complication-free, and every family deserves to have a healthy mother and baby. I am passionate about helping keep these women as comfortable as possible to give their babies the best chance at a healthy start in life.

Annual Giving

We connect with donors, like you, who want to rally your passion at special events, through grassroot campaigns and other fundraising efforts. Our greatest reward is showing you your gift in action as it saves and improves people's lives.

Jonathan McCoy

Director of Annual Giving
Passion: Mental Health & Fertility
Hometown: Duncan, OK
Giving feels good. When we invest in the well- being of others, it broadens our worldview, creates tighter communities and solves problems. I think when personal passion is paired with philanthropy truly incredible things happen.

Heather Haglund

Events Specialist
Passion: Neuromuscular
Hometown: El Reno, OK
My passion began while watching my grandmother fall victim to the neuromuscular disease ALS. I have a passion for the treatment and comfort neuromuscular physicians provide to patients and their families. I believe philanthropy can impact a person at the lowest point in their life and give them hope. 

Haley Legate

Annual Giving Specialist
Passion: Neuromuscular
Hometown: Oklahoma City
I give to neuromuscular because of my mom who suffered from Alzheimer's disease. I give in hopes that there will one day be a cure, and families will no longer have to sit idly by and watch their loved ones slowly succumb to such a horrible disease. 

Leadership Gifts

Our team is about creating meaningful relationships and legacies. A donor's passions and dreams are realized when paired with transformational initiatives.

Becky Endicott

Development Officer
Passion: Mental Health
 Hometown: Oklahoma City
At INTEGRIS Mental Health Spencer, I saw nearly 100 Oklahoma children receiving in-patient therapy because of unspeakable and traumatic life events. Their greatest need: socks and underwear. Why do I give? Because every child deserves better, and I’m committed to playing my part – one pair of socks at a time.

Sara Parcell

Development Officer
Passion: Neuromuscular
Hometown: Miami, OK
To me, philanthropy means merging your passion with your talents and doing what you can to be a part of the bigger picture. Everyday my dad fights a brave battle with multiple sclerosis. MS is a very mysterious disease ,and I believe through the support of research we will continue to see significant strides in the treatment of those affected.


Providing Foundation accountability through donor record management, gift processing, finance and accounting. Transparency and accuracy are our single-most goals.

Christina Adcox

Director of Operations
Passion: Fertility
Hometown: St. John, KS
Philanthropy allows each of us to align passion and purpose. After a 13 year struggle, my passion is the battle against infertility. Now, with three children of my own, my purpose is to do what I can to support INTEGRIS Bennett Fertility Institute and give other couples the chance to enjoy the extraordinary gift of parenthood.

J.J. Glenn

Stewardship Coordinator
Passion: Fertility
Hometown: El Reno, OK
Fertility is a tremendous passion of mine. I've watched several friends struggle to have a baby, endure fertility treatments, and then finally become parents. Everyone who seeks it should achieve that dream. I am passionate about being a mother and believe everyone should have the chance to have a child of their own.

Cynthia Conrad-Miller

Prospect Research Specialist
Passion: Stanley Hupfeld Academy
Hometown: Como, MS

I am passionate about INTEGRIS' charter elementary school, because I believe it takes a village to raise a child. 

I believe in philanthropy because it is the essence of taking care of your community.