We believe in seeing impact with your own eyes.

We've gathered 24 high-need, high-impact projects spanning across INTEGRIS. 
All they need is your support to become a reality.



A Project Chosen by Employees

Even though many care areas are included with passion projects, we inevitably have missed some. This year's Project:YOU&I seeks to fund needs in these areas. Gifts here will be available to any area at INTEGRIS. Following the YOU&I campaign, INTEGRIS Foundation will collect project ideas from across the system. The YOU&I Passion Commmittee (comprised of employees) will come together to review all project ideas and make a selection on the greatest need(s) to fund with these gifts.

Impact: TBD by YOU!


Shower Room Renovations
Plumbing renovations to the Tank Room showers will ensure better temperature and pressure control for critical burn patients during wound cleanings.

Impact: 350 patients annually


Neonatal Isolette
Edmond’s Special Care Nursery will replace an outdated isolette with this new model allowing the hospital to care for more preterm babies that require long-term growth while minimizing transfers to other facilities.

Impact: More than 100 infants annually


PIN Fund (People in Need)
Funding to the PIN Fund (People in Need Fund) will provide immediate assistance to Grove-area patients and employees from basic amenities and medication support to emergency relief funding.

Impact: Up to 100 people annually


Therapeutic Shower Renovations
Renovating the outdated shower rooms at the Hospice House will provide a more peaceful and soothing environment including massages and aroma therapy services that are so needed to relieve pain and stress during end of life times.

Impact: 400 patients and families annually


Progressive Care/MedSurg Remodel
Renovations of the Med/Surg area will provide a facelift to five patient rooms and bathrooms.

Impact: 2,400 patients annually

Pastoral Care

Clergy & Community Conferences
Continuing education conferences will be offered monthly to community clergy and clinical staff on cutting-edge topics.

Impact: 400 people annually

S.H. Academy

Listening Library
Funding will provide a listening library for our book room allowing students, particularly special needs kids, to develop language skills through narrated books & other literature-based educational tools.

Impact: 330 students annually

Women's Health

Cribs & Bassinets
Purchase of additional cribs and bassinets will support the record high volume of newborns currently tracking at IBMC allowing for immediate replacement of older models to protect our vulnerable newborn population.

Impact: 250 newborns annually


A Second Helping of CanServe
In partnership with ICIO and Francis Tuttle, CanServe will provide one week’s worth of meals for cancer patients who are beginning treatment as well as education on nutrition, grocery shopping and preparing meals throughout treatment.

Impact: 300 cancer patients annually


HOPE (Helping Oncology Patients’ with Expenses)
Funding will assist cancer patients and families who travel long distances for treatment through support of transportation, prescription, lodging and meal relief.

Impact: 210 radiation oncology patients


Listening Garden Phase II
Added funding to the Garden project will provide more instruments & give hearing-impaired children the opportunity to listen for a variety of high/low frequencies while incorporating sight, touch and smell senses to the garden.

Impact: More than 40 children annually

Men's Health

Health & Wellness Series
Lecture series will allow us to continue to educate Hispanic, African American and Native American men on the importance of taking care of their health for themselves and their families.

Impact: Up to 2,000 men annually


Wheelchairs & Pediatric Walkers
Purchase of new wheelchairs & pediatric walkers will allow us to loan items to un/underinsured patients nearing the later stages of their disease and in desperate need of transportation assistance.

Impact: 100 patients annually


Kid-Themed Pillowcases
A customized, fun pillowcase will be made for each child in the pediatric unit adding a homey touch to their room, decrease anxiety and make a child’s hospital room less scary.

Impact: 1,500 children annually


Blood Pressure Cuffs
Providing blood pressure cuffs to patients being discharged home from acute care will enable at-risk patients to monitor their blood pressure and prevent/decrease readmittance for another stroke or related symptoms.

Impact: 100 patients annually


The Women’s Center will add an infant warmer to accommodate the growing needs. This will allow the hospital to care for term and pre-term babies using current best practices.

Impact: More than 900 infants annually

Children's Place

Class & Equipment upgrades
New amenities include classroom tablet technology, security walkie talkies and phones as well as building modification such as new carpet, “no pinch” door features & eye wash stations.

Impact: 400 children annually


Ultrasound Probe
Purchase of a new Ultrasound Abdominal Transducer will be used during embryo transfer and ensure careful monitoring and greater accuracy for patients.

Impact: 100 hopeful parents annually


Cardiac Output Monitors
Improved monitors will provide a greater snapshot of a patient’s cardiac function and fluid status improving care particularly for heart failure patients and women undergoing Swan Studies.

Impact: More than 200 patients annually

Mental Health

Splash Pad & Speaker Seminar
Funding to provide 1) the creation of a Splash Pad onsite at the Spencer Mental Health campus, and  2) an educational seminar coaching parents/caregivers with emotionally disturbed kids.

Impact: More than 1,100 children & caregivers


Simulation Technology
New software and technology will allow our clinicians to remotely participate, record video of simulations for self-directed learning opportunities and provide interdisciplinary team training and development.

Impact: 150 newly licensed nurses & 5,000 clinical providers annually


Aphasia Center
Funding will equip speech pathology teams with educational materials, equipment & assistive device technology for communication and language disorder issues related to aphasia patients– a communication impairment condition - improving communication abilities.

Impact: 50+ patients & caregivers annually


Surface Tablets
Acquisition of 15 surface tablets will allow for real-time acceptance of organ donations, provide patient education, social worker outreach and encourage clinician mobility.

Impact: 2,000+ people annually