We believe passion changes everything.

23 passions are before you.
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Imagine holding your baby in your arms and not really knowing if she can hear your voice. Auditory Brainstem Response equipment allows us to answer this question through critical testing. The purchase of OR-specific equipment would allow us to more quickly and efficiently serve our smallest hearing patients to enable the proper treatment plan that brings sound into their world . This year, let’s give the gift of sound.

Impact: 50 children annually


A new shower trolley will allow staff to immediately rinse away dead skin and any bacteria on burn patients in a cleaner, more comfortable environment that also allows for dressing wounds in the same setting without moving the patient.

Impact: 200 burn patient families annually


Purchase of SmartBoards at Meadowlake will provide advanced educational opportunities to kids who often get behind in school during their hospitalization.

Impact: 35 kids annually


Creation of a Listening Garden for children and adults will include a multitude of interactive outdoor instruments.

Impact: 150 patients and families annually

Men's Health

Minority Men’s Community Health & Wellness Lecture Series will focus on education and relationship development for low-income and minority men in NE OKC who are commonly overlooked.

Impact: Up to 1,700 men annually


Addition of exam room SmartBoards for patients who can better learn about their disease through animation and interactive learning.

Impact: 1,500 patients annually


Purchase of 1) a new PICU infant scale will assist with calculating medication dosage, and 2) mini fridges for individual rooms will allow families to bring in food for long-term pediatric patients.

Impact – more than 800 children annually


Purchase of six Every Second Counts Countdown Clocks for BMC and telestroke sites will enable Emergency Department clinicians to monitor the number of minutes it takes to provide the clot-busting drug t-PA helping to minimize long-lasting disability following a stroke.

Impact: 300 patients annually


Patient Education Channel will provide health-related programming in patient rooms, lobbies and waiting rooms leading to greater education and reduced readmissions.

Impact: more than 9,000 people annually


In partnership with ICIO dietician and Francis Tuttle, a new project, CanServe, will provide one week’s worth of meals for cancer patients who are beginning treatment as well as education on nutrition, grocery shopping and preparing meals throughout treatment.

Impact: 300 cancer patients annually


Purchase of a new IVF Flatbed Incubator will greatly improve the embryo culture process and minimize cross-contamination prior to transfer.

Impact: up to 250 IVF couples annually


Adding recliners to family rooms of left ventricular assist device (LVAD) patients will provide greater comfort to those who reside in our hospitals up to several months at a time.

Impact: 150 patients and families annually

Mental Health

1) Purchase of books, software and computers for classrooms, and 2) remodel of Quiet Rooms to include toys, games, seating, soft lights, music allowing patients to teach themselves how to control behaviors rather than being placed in seclusion or therapeutic restraint.

Impact: 800 children and teens annually


Nursing Scholarship Fund will support current RNs in completing advanced academic credentials.

Impact: Up to 45 nurses system-wide annually


An All-Terrain Mobility Course will empower disabled patients to navigate through various terrains in a controlled environment with therapist assistance as well as create a gait and fall prevention clinic for the community.

Impact: 500 people annually


Printed and video educational materials for heart patients who must absorb extensive post-transplant information and education will be available electronically, in hard copy and would also include Spanish translations.

Impact: 200 patients annually

Children's Place

Phase 2 of the Playground Expansion project will add a new climbing structure, trees, stepping logs and outdoor musical instruments on the infant/toddler playground.

Impact: 400 children annually


Funding to the PIN Fund (People in Need Fund) will provide immediate assistance to Grove-area patients and employees from basic amenities and medication support to emergency relief funding.

Impact: Up to 100 people annually


Pediatric room conversion at Hospice House will provide cribs, rockers, toys and infant medical supplies to accommodate parents and children and allow children to be admitted to the House for the first time ever.

Impact: Up to 70 patients and families annually


Renovations of Med/Surg patient rooms will add new flooring, furniture, lighting, artwork and bathroom facelifts.

Impact: 4,000 patients annually

Pastoral Care

Creation of clergy conference & community events related to caring for people dealing with various issues of aging, such as retirement, life changes, medicine, illness, end-of-life decisions, dying, death and grief.

Impact: 300 clergy and community members annually

S.H. Academy

Addition of new classroom computers for grades 3-5 and computer tutorials for parents will bridge the technology gap for students and encourage parental involvement as they assist children with school work or complete their own resumes through technology access at the school.

Impact: 320 children and families annually

Women's Health

Breast pumps will be added to each Mother Baby Room helping increase a mother’s likelihood to breastfeed if a pump is accessible.

Impact: Up to 275 babies annually