We believe in seeing impact with your own eyes.

We've gathered 24 high-need, high-impact projects spanning across INTEGRIS. 
All they need is your support to become a reality.



A Project Chosen by Employees

Even though many care areas are included in YOU&I, we inevitably may have missed some. Project: YOU&I seeks to fund needs in these areas. Following the YOU&I campaign, INTEGRIS Foundation will collect project ideas from across the system.  The project will be selected based upon greatest need by a committee of employees.

Impact: TBD by YOU!


Pediatric Waiting Room Updates

With the wonderful new addition of pediatric patients to the burn center, funding will create a kid-friendly waiting room for our youngest patients by adding a dedicated play area helping to comfort and calm children awaiting appointments.

Impact: 100 children & families annually


Family Paging System
Families can now stay fully informed on the status of their loved one no matter their hospital location through this new wireless paging system providing the flexibility to move about the building while also fostering improved communication and patient satisfaction.

Impact: 3,500 patient families annually


Sanosite Ultrasound Machine
A new state-of-the-art ultrasound machine will provide quicker access for interventions needed to treat our most fragile patients and as well as benefiting numerous areas of the hospital from ED to ICU, L&D and Cath Lab.

Impact: 1,000+ patients annually


Comfortable Furniture Upgrades
As the Hospice House seeks to create a restful, calming environment for families, project funding will update and replace outdated furniture with comfortable furnishings in all rooms ensuring complete solace for families and patients during a difficult time.

Impact: 400 patients & families annually


CPR Training & Community Education
By partnering with the American Heart Association, this project will provide new equipment, supplies and CPR training resources for nine regional high schools who must receive CPR accreditation to secure their diplomas in accordance with new state requirements.

Impact: 1,500 high school seniors annually

Pastoral Care

Clergy & Community Health Improvement
Continuing education programs for clergy and clinical staff will offer interactive programs on issues facing clergy like race, religion and other issues that tend to divide our society while positioning our team as a top resource for clergy facing healthcare issues.

Impact: 500 community leaders annually

S.H. Academy

Project Lead the Way
This project allows 4th and 5th grade students to pilot an innovative curriculum giving students a hands-on experience in science, technology, engineering and math that they would not otherwise have. Funding will also provide a coat and uniform closet for students lacking resources.

Impact: 330 students & 35 teachers annually

Women's Health

Rest for NICU parents
This project will furnish three sleeper sofas inside the IBMC NICU, allowing newly delivered moms to rest between feedings and making sure she and her baby are healthy in those fragile first hours. This precious time close to the bedside also enhances bonding between mom and baby.

Impact: more than 300 families of newborns annually


A Third Helping of CanServe
In partnership with ICI and Francis Tuttle's culinary arts school, CanServe will provide one week’s worth of meals for patients beginning treatment as well as education on nutrition, grocery shopping and preparing meals throughout treatment.

Impact: 300 cancer patients annually


Meadowlake Gym Renovation
Renovations to the children’s gym will provide a new floor, lighting, fresh paint, a sound barrier & equipment for our kids' daily activities and therapy. Being able to use the gym creates a physical outlet for these inpatient children allowing for behavioral improvements by promoting interaction in a controlled environment.

Impact: 250 children annually


Interactive Sensory Wall
Cochlear Implant Clinic children and adults will enjoy a new interactive wall in the waiting room with the addition of a modern hands-on tool providing an explorative and experiential journey through light and sound in a fun, interactive way.

Impact: 3,500 patients annually

Men's Health

Men's Health University expansion
Men’s Health will expand its program of health checks, education classes, programs and events throughout the year in the OKC metro and rural communities. Additional funding expands the program's footprint empowering men with wellness information to improve their health and longevity.

Impact: More than 1,000 men annually


At Home Pulmonary Assessments
This project will provide pulmonary assessments for patients throughout the course of their disease allowing for better decisions on things such as the timing of PEG Tube Placement – ultimately benefiting the patient by allowing them to stay home and avoid unnecessary hospital stays.

Impact: 500 patients annually


Pediatric I.V. Poles
Our youngest patients will benefit from new pediatric-specific I.V. poles providing improved functionality and fun by allowing children to draw and personalize the I.V. poles.

Impact: 2,500 children annually


Patient Walkers
YOU&I funding will improve the quality of life for patients after discharge by providing walkers to indigent patients needing assistance.

Impact: 80 patients annually


Code Cart Suction Machines
The purchase of new suction machines will have a life-saving impact at Canadian Valley. This vital piece of equipment, particularly for patients experiencing life-threatening crises, provides immediate support on code carts clearing airways for distressed patients.

Impact: 4,000 patients annually

Children's Place

Modern Learning Environments
YOU&I funding will provide facility improvements including replacing outdated carpet with an allergy-friendly alternative, transform sensory/cognitive rooms, and add a developmentally appropriate large motor, indoor play space during inclement weather.

Impact: 300 children & 50 teachers annually


In Vitro Monitoring System
Funding will allow for state-of-the-art remote monitoring of all embryo incubators 24/7 through dynamic software ensuring the highest level of protection and monitoring.  The system also allows IVF lab personnel access to the incubator status remotely.

Impact: 300 hopeful parents annually


Cardiac Output Monitors
Funding will provide customized cardiac care folders and comfort packages to be distributed upon admission for high-risk readmission heart patients. We'll also fund the cost of QualiBreath Sternal bands for post-operative open heart and thoracotomy patients providing much needed breathing support.

Impact: More than 500 patients annually

Mental Health

Smart Boards
YOU&I funding will provide much needed Smart Boards for both children at the Spencer facility and adults in our Decisions program. These boards will help patients overcome their challenges by delivering treatment in a manner that matches their learning style leading to greater understanding of their condition and how to treat it.

Impact: 2,000 patients annually


Simulation Technology & Software Phase II
New technology and software will allow system-wide clinicians to remotely participate, record video of simulations for self-directed learning opportunities and provide interdisciplinary team training.

Impact: more than 5,000 care providers annually


Pediatric Adventure Loft
Funding will build a customized, expanded loft area for our children including a rock wall, a scooter ramp, multidirectional swings and areas to work on fine motor activities. The loft would also create the ability for children to learn where they are in relation to gravity and space.

Impact: 500-800 children annually


Lodging for Transplant Patient Families
Project funding will provide lodging for families of transplant patients by relieving financial stressors and allowing supporting family members to stay close during often lengthy stays.

Impact: One family every day of the year